10 Online Study Tools To Help You Through Exam Period

By gho
Sep 09, 2022
With exam time fast approaching, it is good idea to minimise online distractions...but if you cannot get offline here are our top 10 online study tools that may actually boost your productivity...and most of them are free!

With exam time approaching, you may be thinking that it would be better to spend as little time as possible on the Internet. When you step away from the rabbit hole that is the internet, you’ll find that there is in fact a wealth of online study tools to get you ready for exams.

So why use online study tools? Well, these actually save you a lot of time by organising your notes more effectively, which in turn results in higher study productivity.

Without further ado, here’s our pick of 10 online study tools to boost your productiveness during study time – and all of them are free!


  • Evernote
    This enables you to have all of your class notes organised and accessible from all of your devices, together with any related material, including websites and images. This means when it’s time to study, all your study notes are at hand.
  • Quizlet
    With Quizlet, you can create a study set specific to the subject you are studying. Use learning aids such as flashcards, which feature text, images, diagrams and audio; and quizzes on your subject of choice (there are currently over 14 million subjects on the site!).
  • Goconqr 
    Similar to Quizlet, Goconqr provides a range of online study tools, such as flashcards, quizzes, flowcharts and study planners.
  • Mindmup
    Mindmup has a host of useful functions, such as a storyboard creator to help you organise your notes, images and ideas into a flowing slide format. Notes and attachments can be added to your documents for easy reference, and it can also add images and contextual information to your mind maps, which can then be shared on social media.
  • Marinara Timer
    Marinara Timer enables you to organise your blocks of study with ease. For example, you can organise a 25-minute block with a five minute break at the end, then after you have completed a set amount of blocks, you can set the timer to give you an extended break. Either choose preselected time intervals or customise your own to suit your particular needs and available time.
  • Grammarly
    Grammarly is a grammar checker that ensures everything you write is easy to read and is free from grammatical errors. It does so by highlighting grammatical errors it finds in your copy and offering alternatives to fix those mistakes.
  • CTFM
    This tool lets you create a bibliography with ease, enabling you to search online and attach references to websites, journal articles, books, blogs, podcasts, and a host of other reference types to support your paper.
  • Schooltraq
    Keeping track of assignments, tests, events, and other activities has become much easier with Schooltraq. This sleek little tool is an online digital planner that helps you keep all those exam dates and assignment deadlines in check. It even syncs up with your phone and laptop so you’ll never have to worry about losing your schedule.
  • Hemingway
    Named in homage to the famous author, Ernest Hemingway, this tool is designed to highlight overly dense and complex sentences in your writing and shows how you can change them to reflect a more direct and understated style for which Hemingway renowned.
  • Trello
    Trello is an online tool for managing projects and tasks efficiently and effectively.  It can be used for anything from personal to-do lists to detailing corporate restructuring plans and everything in between.

In addition to these online tools, we also recommend the use of online forums to get answers to various questions you may need answers for. Luckily for those studying in Australia, there are a number of popular forums that do exactly that, such as Whirlpool and Bored of Studies. These forums are particularly useful as they’re mainly populated by students, so you’ll get answers from those who know exactly what you’re going through or are experiencing as a uni student.

If you have online study tools you’d like to recommend, why not share them by commenting on a selfie in your fave study spot and tagging us with #scapeau (and then get back to it)!